Tips Not to Miss Citi Card Payment Due Date

Many new laymen who have a new Citibank online credit card is not clear about the terms and conditions listed in it. One-one they are trapped and in debt because unable to complete the payment well. If the credit card payment status is not current, it will automatically also be recorded in the Bank Indonesia system. So it can be difficult in the future if interested in applying other types of credit. Therefore, read carefully all the terms and conditions before starting to use credit cards.

How to Skip Credit Card Fines

The error in the use of credit cards is generally just about that-that’s it. Because it is actually we can easily recognize the tricks to overcome them.

Often we forget to pay attention to the deadline for credit card payments, so the bills are paid late. Without us knowing, the delay is subject to fines. To make matters worse, fines are accumulated from the total bill and are interest-bearing interest since the day of late payment. It is conceivable, the amount of interest we have to pay if it is a few days late. It seems a little bit, but it turns out to be pretty big too if it’s accumulated.

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the credit card payment due date. Do not get because we ignore, credit card bills so swell. Small mistakes but can have considerable consequences. So, it is better to avoid the delay of using auto debit payment system. Just make sure the funds in the account is sufficient, so credit card payments will not experience problems.

Applying for New Citi Card Procedure

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