Tips about Bird’s Iron Cage

Iron cage should not be too tight; bird’s claws can get stuck if the distance of iron or cage wire is too tight. However, the cage iron should not be too tenuous so the bird’s head can get caught or the bird can sneak and run away.

The larger the size of the cage, the better. Although larger birdcages tend to be more difficult to clean and the price is more expensive, if you do not often stay at home and / or do not have time to get the bird out to get exercise, the cage area is a very important element. Small cages usually cause behavioral problems in birds.

Consider the shape of the cage. A simple box-shaped cage is the best. A round cage is not good for birds. Round cage is usually very narrow and has no angle as a bird shelter. Moreover, the round shape tends to cause the bird to turn its head; birds can go crazy if they are constantly twisting their heads.

Never buy a guillotine-style door (a door with a round hole in the middle that looks like a guillotine) because the bird can easily escape, and this door can be dangerous because it can make the bird’s head stuck while trying to escape.

How to Build safe bird house?

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