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Not that the drama movie is always sad. However, only more inserted dramatic scenes.

In the drama movie, it was deliberately designed with a story that terms would be a dramatic scene. That is, the film is mostly pinned a story full of problems. The goal is to be able to arouse emotions and sympathy from the audience. That way, when watching a movie filled with this dramatic thing you will easily sympathize and cry watching every groove.

Conflict in the drama film is made in such a way as to be a complex problem experienced by his character. Each character plays a role. Figure C who always disturbs the life of character A, A’s character is always persecuted, and character B is always there to help him. So on and so intertwine the scene of each scene to be a dramatic story from the beginning of the story until the time comes happy ending or sad ending.

It is not just the force of gravity that requires the law of nature. Crying while watching a drama movie also applies the existence of natural law.

Maybe you’ve heard someone say “There are times when others are walking in front of you quickly, and then you behind it will also follow the fast run as well. So vice versa! “Then it’s the same as when you’re watching a drama. Not only when you see the character in the film is cried, but also when you see fellow spectators around you crying to watch the story of the movie.

It can be said that this is the law of nature. What a person feels or does can sometimes turn to you as well. When you look at others who are crying, then you will also feel sad and sobbing.

However, not all people can cry while watching a drama movie. Not that anyway, the movie filled with dramatic scenes is always causing sadness for the audience. However it depends on the situation and condition of the audience as well as in the vicinity. It’s the same as the six reasons above. Watching a drama is not about crying or not, but are you able to learn the lessons from the story? Come on, watch with your heart and cry while taking the wisdom presented.

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