Tiny Things Women Should Carry in Their Bags

Ladies, has your day plan not gone well, and then turned into a burden of thought? But actually, all the loads and unforeseen scenarios can be overcome, if you have previously prepared various rescue objects in the bag. So, apart from things that are required in the bag, such as wallets, keys, makeup, tissue, perfume, and vehicle keys, there are some useful items that you should take as well. Want to know anything? See the following list.

Mint Candy

Nothing interferes with anyone else, other than bad breath. To fix this, keep the mint candy in your bag. This is important as a neutralizer of the “smelly” food you consume. But it’s good you avoid the mint gum, because chewing will cause a sound that will reduce your fabulous appearance.

Tiny Mirror

This little thing is not only useful for fixing your makeup. But it can be useful for a variety of unexpected events, such as cleaning up the remains of green vegetables tucked between your teeth. Or to see clearly the face of a charming man who sits behind you while in a coffee shop. Who knows that guy is also interested in you.


People said, beauty is pain. Of course you’ve felt the difficulty of walking when the fabulous stiletto you just bought, it makes your feet scuffed. By plastering in your bag, you can still walk well at parties you visit with your partner. Use plasters that match your skin tone to disguise the wound perfectly.


Bad hair day is a familiar occurrence. A condition where hair is limp, and what to do with it still looks bad. The easiest way for you to overcome this is to tie your hair and make a pigtail. In addition you can beautify your hair by using hair accessories so your bad hair day does not disturb the activity.

Medicine for headache

Changes in weather and job pressures can cause headache attacks. It’s good if you do not always use drugs, because some diseases can recover “only” with rest. But in the urgent circumstances where you must still have a good performance, headache medication can be your savior to keep appearing excellent in no time.

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