Releasing Android Games for First Time

Releasing game for the first time is very crusial. But before you release the game, there are some steps you need to check it out:

  1. Check the program release rules listed on the engine you are using. Each engine supports a particular platform, and some engines require release licenses for different platforms. For example, with Game Studio, you can release games on Windows and Mac OS X with Standard version, but if you want to release games in mobile version, you have to pay more to upgrade to Pro version.
  2. Build anime for your games. When your game gets released, start trying to attract attention. Release some screenshots and videos of your games in popular gaming forums. Contact the game news site and let them know that your game will be released soon (make sure you include how to get the game, how much it costs, and a short description of the game).

During the production process, create a company site so you can start collecting followers. Creating forums about your games is also a great way to get fans to interact with each other, and updating your site can also attract more attention.

  1. Specify your distribution service. Some independent developers will provide their games on their own hosting, but you may find this way requires a considerable hosting fee, and some hosts can not sustain the size required by a large and successful game. There are several popular places to release independent games for Windows and Mac OS X:
  • Steam
  • Desura
  • Humble Store
  • GOG

Mobile games usually have to be released in their respective stores (Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and others). The same is true for console games (Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and others).

Different services will take a different gratuity from each of your game sales. Find out the details of this one in each service to determine which one is best for you. Most services have sales reps that you can contact directly. There are so many website about Android Games Hack No Human Verification you can try browse on internet.

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