How to place bird house in a safe location

Know what foods to avoid. Birds are susceptible to poisoning due to contaminated food or contain ingredients that are difficult to digest. Be sure to buy high-quality grain or suet. Some inexpensive bird food manufacturers sometimes take shortcuts, so consider buying a more expensive bird food brand.

Here are some examples of foods that you should avoid:

-Breads, pastries and other refined carbohydrates cannot provide enough nutrients for birds, and may contain toxic ingredients. Smoked meat and other meats contain harmful nitrate compounds. Both of them can actually invite mice.

– Cheap bird food often contains “filling grains” that are not eaten like red and yellow milet seeds, oats and flaxseed. Be sure to check the content in the bird food you buy.

Install bird feeding places in a safe location. If you want the location of the place to eat close enough so you can see it from inside the house, attach it as far as 90 cm from your window. Don’t pair it further, because it has the potential to cause birds to hit the window (an accident that causes the death of millions of birds each year). Bird eating places must also be far enough from the tree branches so that the squirrels cannot reach it from the tree.

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