The nutritional healthy fusion tips for you

All these nutrients must be met through food intake every day so that the body is always healthy. In an effort to meet the nutritional needs of the body every day, you can follow some nutritional healthy fusion tips to maintain family health every day.

Routine Consuming Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber that the body needs to develop properly. Make sure the food you cook for your family has vegetables and fruit on the menu.

Limit Salt Use

As one of the flavoring foods when cooking, it turns out that excessive use of salt can cause many health problems. For example, such as high blood pressure, heart disease to kidney failure.

Enough consumption of protein

When choosing a menu for foods that will be cooked for the family, you must add protein to the menu, whether it’s animal or vegetable protein. The most important thing is not to forget about protein in the nutritional intake of the food you cook.

Use Garlic

Besides being one of the ingredients of cooking, it turns out garlic also has many benefits for the body, you know! Not only to prepare food but garlic also contains many antibiotics that can protect the body from various diseases.

Limit Junk Food and Soda Drinks

Even though it’s delicious, junk food has an impact on health. Too much carbonated drinks can also have an adverse effect on the body. Carbonated drinks contain lots of sugar which can cause many health problems. Likewise, junk food that contains a lot of bad fats that can also endanger health if consumed too often.

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