Make a credit card closure

Parties who can make a credit card closure is certainly the issuing bank. For that, you should immediately report to the credit card issuer when you want to do the closing. If there is no communication, do not expect the issuing bank to understand your wishes. Reporting the desire to close credit cards can be done by phone. However, this one way is not recommended because you will only talk to customer service and later have to go through the convoluted stages so you can just feel being mocked.

Coming directly to a credit card issuing bank is the best way to close a credit card. Face-to-face and talk directly to the bank about this desire will minimize the possible miscommunication. Required process will also be felt faster because you directly meet with the authorities to close the credit card.

By meeting the credit card issuer directly, you can also get the deal documents from the results of the discussion of the problem. Written data can be evidence if there is a problem in the future. But if you do not have time to come to the issuing bank, another way that can be done is via electronic mail (email). At least by writing an email, your request can be processed and can also have written data from conversations in electronic mail.

Sometimes credit card is very useful for us, sometimes credit card can cause us addiction for shopping. There is no deny about that, but most of the time, credit card is very useful in people daily life, therefore try to consider several times before you decide to close your active credit card. Another option is to search for credit card generator that might also be useful.

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