Learning about Type of Spatula

Instead of choosing a type of spatula that contains plastic material, it never hurts to choose the type of spatula with wood materials. This type of wood spatula is quite an option for cooking. One of the advantages is that the surface is solid and not sharp, so it will not damage pots or pans. In addition, the type of wood spatula will not absorb heat, so it is safe to use even when exposed to high temperatures.

For your kitchen decoration, this type of wooden spatula can also beautify the kitchen order because it is decorated by natural wood elements and natural. You can make it by hanging wood spatula on the kitchen on the wall shelf so it is also easy to reach if you want to use for cooking.

-Type Spatula Stainless Steel which is Durability

One example of a safe type of spatula used is made of stainless steel. There are three sizes ranging in size ranging from small, medium and large. This spatula is safe enough to be used even when exposed to hot food. Durability of this type of stainless steel spatula is quite long, but do not ever use it on a sticky wok.

-Type Spatula Silicone which is Heat Resistant

For this type of spatula, usually made of colorful silicone material that is funny so interesting to use when cooking. Even reportedly, the type of silicone spatula is more popular than others. One advantage of this type of silicone spatula is that it is more heat resistant to high food temperatures just like a wooden spatula.

It is also an alternative to the type of plastic spatula. Silicone material is more heat resistant; especially at much higher temperatures of about 315 degrees Celsius and more sticky when compared to other materials. However, the type of silicone spatula can also be too slippery and scrape the bottom of the pan. More tips about housing and kitchen please visit iechistore.com

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