Free credit card has been a goal for everyone to have

Free credit card has been a goal for everyone to have
Free credit card has been a goal for everyone to have

In an increasingly sophisticated era, of course everything will follow its progress including in conducting transactions. The proof, now many have made transactions using the card in lieu of cash, including debit and credit cards. Free credit card has been a goal for everyone to have. Here are tips on using credit card wisely:

  1. Do not Wasteful

Cannot be denied, if you visit the shopping center would be a lot to be purchased. Though not necessarily the goods or products you buy will be used. Avoid this nature because it will hurt yourself. Learn to buy goods or products according to your needs or priorities.

  1. Limit Having a Credit Card

Having a lot of credit cards will certainly make you more extravagant or excessive in using it so that will lead to accumulation of bills. So, limit the number of credit cards you have in accordance with the needs and your ability to pay bills in each month.

  1. Avoid Pull Cash with Credit Card

The money you take on a debit or credit card is not the same. If you do withdraw cash with a debit card, of course there will be no problem, because the money comes from the savings themselves.

But, doing a cash withdrawal with a credit card will incur debt, because you will be charged interest a percent of the nominal money you take. If you often do this, then the greater the burden of the bill you have to pay off.

  1. Pay Bill on Time

Do not delay your credit card bill payment, as it will incur a penalty for you to pay. If you postpone too often in payments and the behavior is not corrected, the use of credit cards is not a good thing to lose because of the high penalties on credit card bills.

Learn to improve yourself for timely or discipline, like starting from the simple. For example not late to come to the office, lunch on time and so forth. Doing so will help you to improve your behavior patterns, including in bill payments.

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