Which Foods to Eat that Play Important Role in Building Muscle?

In addition to playing an important role in building muscle, proteins function to form every cell in the body such as; nails, bones, skin and hair. In addition, protein also helps create enzymes, hormones to physiological chemicals that the body needs to function properly. So you certainly know how important it is to meet protein needs every day.

Protein from Beef and Seafood

Beef is also one source of animal protein is good for the body because it contains selenium, iron, vitamin B complex, vitamin D, also omega 3. In 100 grams of beef, contained about 21 grams of protein. But to ensure health, choose a cattle raised in the pasture, not farmed and eat grains.

In addition to beef, beef liver is also a good source of protein for you. The liver of the cow has a protein content of 14.9 grams per 100 gram. In addition to protein, you also get the content of folic acid, iron and zinc at the same time.

Seafood or seafood is also a good source of protein with delicious flavors. One of them is shrimp. Shrimp contain 24 grams of protein with only 0.8 grams of fat and 100 kcal per-100 grams. Very good for the diet is not it?

For you who are allergic to animal protein, you can consume soy containing vegetable protein. Protein content is 36 grams per-100 grams. You can also consume them in processed form like tofu or soyabeans. Besides soybean there is also quinoa. Almonds and pistachios that have 20 grams of protein along with healthy omega 3

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