The difference between distance learning and online learning

Online courses are more than just modern applications of distance learning / correspondence models (although they share similarities).

We use a virtual learning environment to share the lectures and resources of our recorded students. These lectures can be watched at any time, allowing students to create a study schedule that fits their work and family commitment. Students can also access module notes and review assignments at any time and all our textbooks are provided in the e-book format (included in our tuition fees).

The difference between distance learning and online learning is that our learners also have the opportunity to discuss questions and chat with fellow students through online discussion forums, providing valuable support networks and feedback. Our lecturers also run direct online lectures which are recommended so that students are encouraged to attend, allowing them to communicate in real-time.

Online University also recognizes that students work better when they receive personal support and guidance from their institutions, so we assign each student a special Student Advisor available via email and telephone. This Student Advisor can answer any questions students may have about the academic process, their workload, or virtual learning experience.

Our students also have the opportunity to interact with their course tutors regularly, with question and answer sessions and regular feedback at the end of each structured module.

In short, there is a lot of overlap between distance learning education and online learning and easily confuses the two. If you are researching a course, make sure you carefully read the details of the course and institution to make sure you choose the type of learning that is right for you. We have a special Admissions team that can give you information about all our programs and our learning experience.

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