Creating Fish Tail African Hair Braiding

Comb your hair all the way to the end. This will release the tangles or tangles and make the braids easier:

This type of style is easier to do on longer hair. If you do not have longer hair, and can use hair connections for easier braiding.

-Make sure there is no tangle in the hair before starting to braid.

-Use a regular comb or brush to do this step

-Much simpler to do a side fish tail braids when you first learn. Multiple layered construction makes it difficult to do behind your back if you are not familiar with the process

Divide the hair into two parts. Use a hairpin or a comb to split the hair in the middle, into two large sections at your nape.

-Make sure both parts are equal to your braids will also be flat.

-When you want, you can comb each part to make sure the hair is slippery and well split.

-It is different from the traditional and French braids, which use 3 parts of hair.

African Hair Braiding Do It Yourself Tips

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