Wuling Cortez 2018 car models
Wuling Cortez 2018 car models

Wuling Motor Indonesia indeed seems happy to surprise the people of Indonesia. After the middle of last year successfully make Indonesian people happy with LMPV cheap products through Wuling Confero. This time the Wuling party came back with a cheap MPV medium in Wuling Cortez

Wuling Cortez comes with a number of features and completeness that is actually quite astounding. Do not want to lebai, but you yourself would not think that there is a wide range of electric seat in the front passenger seat and in the driver’s seat, then sunroof, electronic parking brake with auto hold, Electronic Stability Control, then ABS, EBD, and BA, and traction control. Again, this feature is not a new feature, but the first one is present in MPV non-premium medium such as Wuling Cortez in Indonesia. With so many features, maybe you will think again, is it expensive?

Yes, the thought must have come into our minds, because looking at what Wuling 2018 car models has to offer, even to get the feature, we have to spend over 300 million to buy CUV that have these features. Then how much is the price? A credible source tells us a number of figures that will be the tag of Wuling Cortez. And the figures mentioned are ranging from 190 million to 240 million rupiah. Ha? Obviously it tantalizing figure to redeem the MPV the size of a Toyota Kijang Innova, but with the price of LMPV class.

If we compare, the price of 190 million is almost equivalent to the cheapest price tag of the Mitsubishi Xpander, the GLX variant in the number 189 millions, even so with the price of Toyota Avanza 1.3 type E. While if we talk the most expensive price, the price Wuling Cortez not exceed the price of Mitsubishi Xpander Ultimate type that is now touching the price of 246 million Rupiah. Yep, the most expensive variant of Wuling Cortez will be priced at 240 million Rupiah. To trim you, look at the younger brother, it seems that Wuling Cortez will also be distinguished according to the luxury trim, but for this MPV, there are two transmission options, the 6 speed manual and AMT.

This MPV itself will rely on 1800 cc engine or more specifically its 1798 cc carrying the configuration of 4-cylinder inline engine DOHC which has a peak power at 129 hp at 5,600 rpm and maximum torque of 174 Nm in the engine revolves of 3600 to 4600 rpm. This car can be ordered at this time with the estimated official launch to the public in early January 2018. What do you think? Has anyone been tempted by the price?


Car Top Carrier for Storing Extra Items

Installing car top carrier is a practical way to save space in the cabin when carrying luggage in large quantities. This tool is the safety way to load extra heavy items in the car, especially for bringing to long distance travel. Some study said that top carrier placement can reduce fuel efficiency from 0 to 25 percent, depending on the type and model of roof rack used and load carried. The addition of top carrier and all the extra items stored on the roof of the car can add aerodynamic obstacles for driving performance. Even so, people still tend to use it to carry extra items with them, even though it cost more fuel.

In one side, car top carriergives benefit to the car owner, but in another side, there are some deficiencies of its installation. In fact, car which installed top carrier for storing heavy items during long distance travel can lessen the aerodynamic system of a car. By all means, it cause to the car lacking performance. Using top carrier seldom is might be fine, but using it often might decrease to the car performance, and even might affect to the engine. While the installation of it consumes more fuel, then the usage of it with heavy load is said to polluting the environment.

The conclusion is that installing car top carrier can bring benefit to load heavy items, but along with its benefit there are some lacking of it. In solution, car owner should maintain the portion of using it. It is fine to use it once a week or even better once a month for doing your hobby. Since the main problem of top carrier is that it lessen the aerodynamic system in the car, then it is better to disassemble it when it is unused. In fact, there are some top carrier product which can easily to install and to disassemble.

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