Car Top Carrier for Storing Extra Items

Car Top Carrier for Storing Extra Items

Installing car top carrier is a practical way to save space in the cabin when carrying luggage in large quantities. This tool is the safety way to load extra heavy items in the car, especially for bringing to long distance travel. Some study said that top carrier placement can reduce fuel efficiency from 0 to 25 percent, depending on the type and model of roof rack used and load carried. The addition of top carrier and all the extra items stored on the roof of the car can add aerodynamic obstacles for driving performance. Even so, people still tend to use it to carry extra items with them, even though it cost more fuel.

In one side, car top carriergives benefit to the car owner, but in another side, there are some deficiencies of its installation. In fact, car which installed top carrier for storing heavy items during long distance travel can lessen the aerodynamic system of a car. By all means, it cause to the car lacking performance. Using top carrier seldom is might be fine, but using it often might decrease to the car performance, and even might affect to the engine. While the installation of it consumes more fuel, then the usage of it with heavy load is said to polluting the environment.

The conclusion is that installing car top carrier can bring benefit to load heavy items, but along with its benefit there are some lacking of it. In solution, car owner should maintain the portion of using it. It is fine to use it once a week or even better once a month for doing your hobby. Since the main problem of top carrier is that it lessen the aerodynamic system in the car, then it is better to disassemble it when it is unused. In fact, there are some top carrier product which can easily to install and to disassemble.

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