Dose of melatonin for toddlers
Dose of melatonin for toddlers

What is the dose of melatonin for toddlers? Common doses to overcome disrupted biological rhythms, sleep disturbances: Oral: 2-3 mg at bedtime, added after 1-2 weeks to 4-6 mg if needed, maximum dose of 10 mg.

In which dose is melatonin available? Capsule, oral: 3 mg, 5mg, 10 mg. What side effects can be experienced due to melatonin?

Look for immediate medical help if you experience any signs of an allergic reaction: itching, difficulty breathing, facial swelling, lips, tongue, or throat. Although not all side effects are known, melatonin is generally safe for consumption for short periods of time (up to 2 years for some people).

Common side effects of melatonin may include:

  • drowsiness and tired during the day
  • depression, irritability
  • abdominal pain
  • headache
  • dizzy

Not everyone has the following side effects. There may be some side effects not mentioned above. If you have concerns about certain side effects, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

What should be known before using melatonin? Before continuing this treatment, tells your doctor if you have:

  • an allergy to melatonin
  • diabetes
  • depressed
  • bleeding or having a blood clotting disorder
  • have low blood pressure or high blood pressure
  • have epilepsy or other neurological disorders
  • taking drugs to prevent rejection reactions in organ transplants
  • question of melatonin safe for pregnant and lactating women

There is no adequate information about the safety of using this drug during pregnancy and lactation. Always consult your doctor to consider potential benefits and risks before using this medication.


Kardus has a variety of forms
Kardus has a variety of forms

Many sellers of goods use kardus as a medium, wanting exclusive packaging. Many manufacturers also sell plain cartons and offer cheap quotes for cardboard with their own logo.

Kardus has a variety of forms, usability and price. The use of cardboard has also started to spread in Indonesia. Demand from more and more consumers. Luckily at this time every year a carton inventory is always there to meet the demands of its customers

Many users of cardboard just for packaging alone, but many cardboard users who use their own logo or brand either from the company or type of business

For reservations, we as a place that sells cardboard plain suggest consumers should prepare their own business logo in the form of jpg or png format. The format is A4 size with 300dpi resolution.

In addition, consumers must also prepare supporting data that will be included in the logo. Starting from number of phone, Instagram, Whatsapp and Website address. Consumers also need to add an explanatory position of the logo in accordance with the desired.

For ordering this plain cardboard workmanship takes about 3 working days. In addition to ordering, usually the seller will give a phone number, Whatsapp, Instagram to be contacted by consumers.


Jacket and best snowshoes
Jacket and best snowshoes

The third layer (most outside): Jacket made from polyester with goose down (wind) and waterproof. In the market are many jackets for winter, including in Jakarta. But what is good? It’s easy to answer. For me, a compact and lightweight jacket is a priority. I do not want to be complicated and slow because of the objections of a jacket. For that, I myself choose a polyester jacket containing goose down (down) is not so thick but lightweight. Incidentally, I use a jacket of UniQlo brand that is warm enough when I use it in a snowy place up to -15 degrees. Many brands sell goose down technology, but I filter it from a trusted brand. Though a bit expensive, but the quality is dependable.

The outer layer of the polyester is at least waterproof and wind because the snow is wet (water) and strong winds can make you catch a cold. Actually there is a type of insulated jacket that is usually used for extreme weather. But to the extent of my knowledge, this jacket does not exist in Indonesia but can be ordered at online stores from abroad. The price is also relatively expensive for brands such as thenorthface, mammoth, jackwolfskin, etc.

You have read about tips how to choose the good jacket for winter, now you only need to find best snowshoes for winter season that keep your feet warm and protected. Happy holiday and have a lovely winter season.

At the time of borrowing, in the place of a professional and complete loan, asked first high and weight as well. No need to be scared. The goal let me get the right ski board. With the right binding suit too. If we fall, the skis will go out on their own. So the risk of more severe accidents can be reduced. Ski boards are hard to get off when we fell, said to be aggravating injury. If in a small ski area, borrow more relaxed. Most told trying owning where the matching board and shoes are also not much choice. Binding-yes not set according to height and weight.


Granny pods floor plans for multi functional kitchen
Granny pods floor plans for multi functional kitchen

Do you know the meaning of a multifunctional kitchen? Are you interested in designing a kitchen and dining room in one room and how to make it? If you think that the kitchen can only be used for cooking, you have to think again because for most households today the kitchen can be a major attraction center within the home. Good home-style minimalist, simple, modern, classic or contemporary. This is because the kitchen has a function as a meeting place with your family members, where to eat, share stories; almost everything is done every day.

Here are some reasons why you need to create a Granny pods floor plans multi functional kitchen by combining it with the dining room in a single room design.

First, the reason to create a kitchen and dining room in one room that can serve as a place to cook and at once can be directly used as a place to enjoy the meal. Imagine if you cook and need time to get the food at the dinner table? Indeed, you will not be easy to manage and prepare food directly on the table quickly, especially when you are in a hurry. Trying to find the placement of a dining table in the kitchen that can be used as a double room, example as a dining room to prepare and serve dishes directly. For large kitchen sizes, can use two adjacent tables or long tables with bar stools or loungers.

The second reason to make a kitchen and dining room in one room is when you need to do work in another room while enjoying food or drinking coffee. Workspaces can be in the office or a special room in your home, sometimes you need another place to look for inspiration and the kitchen or dining room is a place that is often the top choice. Therefore, you do not need to bring food to your workspace.

The third reason to create a kitchen and dining room in one room is to make the room in one function. By making the kitchen and dining room in one big room, you have done one great thing. This creates an empty room that you can use for more functional rooms such as home theater, gym, work space, lounge or other space you can create. This is what can maximize the size of your home into a more functional home.


On the trip, it is very difficult to eat a lot even when dinner, such as sweet pastries like donuts before starting the journey. All of it can add a little energy, but it’s difficult to maintain health during the trip. With these little habits, we can keep our health no matter how long we travel. Here are six healthy eating tips on the go:

Bring your own snacks.

The first tip is to bring your own snack. When maybe everyone offers a lot of choices, we might be able to prefer to eat apples that we carry alone.

Swap menus in portions to eat.

Try to swap menu choices with healthier foods in our meals. For example if we like crabs for main menu, try salad now. Compared to pizza or pasta in Italian restaurants, we can try the choice of fish with vegetables. We can also reduce the consumption of bread and butter simultaneously.

Do not order excessively.

Just because there is a travel companion who pays the bills to eat or office that pay for travel, then we can order as much as possible without thinking about the portion and nutrition.

Compromise with yourself. We can drink some drinks, but skip the appetizers. If we can not skip dessert, we can share it with a traveling companion.

Say no to soda.

Chances are we’ll drink more than usual on group trips. So we better not drink soda, because one can of soda can contain about 40 grams of sugar (about 10 blocks of sugar). Replace the soda with mineral water.

Adjust to our request.

Before traveling, we can tell a traveling companion that the cholesterol level is very high or other problems. With it we can choose snack foods replaced fruit compared with sweet cake.

Optimize the buffet

When the food portion is unlimited, it is very easy to pick up plates and pick out foods that we do not normally consume, which we consume. Drink a full glass or two glasses of water once you wake up in the morning so we are not hungry when we go to eat buffet.

Before making a choice, check out the available buffet food and arrange our meals so as not to overdo it. Better yet, we can skip the buffet meal and order from the set menu.


Fleur de lis home decor for small room
Fleur de lis home decor for small room

Are you planning on decorating your room right now with Fleur de lis home decor? But confused how to decorate the room because of the small size of the room? No need to worry, this time we will share you all some room decoration tips in a creative and simple way.

The first room decoration tips are to start making your room has more functions. The trick is to use the existing space separator in order to limit the function of the room. In this way your room is not only used for rest, because it can also be used to watch television or read books. The room divider that you can use inside a small room is by using translucent material.

More translucent materials can reduce the existing narrow impression. Also add a glass closet door to make your room feel more spacious.

Furthermore, you can also design cabinet doors and bedrooms in a more efficient way. The trick is to use a sliding door like a door that is in the house of Japanese society. This proves to be better able to save space than you have to use a traditionally opened door.

The next room decoration tips are to start decorating every corner of the room and the wall. When doing this room decor makes sure you focus on the design features and not the size that even make your room uncomfortable to be occupied.

Start thinking creatively by finding various ideas when going to design the walls of the room. You can play a variety of color composition, shape, texture, scale and so forth when going to decorate the room.

Car Top Carrier for Storing Extra Items

Installing car top carrier is a practical way to save space in the cabin when carrying luggage in large quantities. This tool is the safety way to load extra heavy items in the car, especially for bringing to long distance travel. Some study said that top carrier placement can reduce fuel efficiency from 0 to 25 percent, depending on the type and model of roof rack used and load carried. The addition of top carrier and all the extra items stored on the roof of the car can add aerodynamic obstacles for driving performance. Even so, people still tend to use it to carry extra items with them, even though it cost more fuel.

In one side, car top carriergives benefit to the car owner, but in another side, there are some deficiencies of its installation. In fact, car which installed top carrier for storing heavy items during long distance travel can lessen the aerodynamic system of a car. By all means, it cause to the car lacking performance. Using top carrier seldom is might be fine, but using it often might decrease to the car performance, and even might affect to the engine. While the installation of it consumes more fuel, then the usage of it with heavy load is said to polluting the environment.

The conclusion is that installing car top carrier can bring benefit to load heavy items, but along with its benefit there are some lacking of it. In solution, car owner should maintain the portion of using it. It is fine to use it once a week or even better once a month for doing your hobby. Since the main problem of top carrier is that it lessen the aerodynamic system in the car, then it is better to disassemble it when it is unused. In fact, there are some top carrier product which can easily to install and to disassemble.

For more details about Best Car Rooftop you can visit:

Short Hairstyle for Women for Typically Volume Hair
Short Hairstyle for Women for Typically Volume Hair

Thick hair or messy volume hair can bring some benefit for women. In fact, not many women had this type of hair and will do anything to grow thick hair. It is not easy in growing the thin mass hair to the thick one. Another benefit is that any haircut can perfectly suit to this type of hair. Thick hair can also easily match with any kind of hairstyle. Most of woman who had this hairstyle tend to grow their hair in long size. However, there are some short hairstyles for women choice which you can try to apply.

  1. Wedged Bob

This hairstyle for women gives the top of the hair shorter than the bottom. In addition, the front of the hair is left long so it gives a high effect on the back. This piece provides enough space for your thick hair so it does not look messy.

  1. Long Pixie Cut

This haircut is suitable for you who want to try short hairstyle. Although the true pixie cut is a super short cut and close to the scalp, the long pixie cut is a little bit had volume and the hair is a bit away from the scalp. Additionally, additional texture or a little layer on this piece makes your thick hair an advantage, not a drawback.

  1. Messy Wave

Random impression given by hair style messy-wave hairstyle for women. This kind of will make your appearance more sexy and natural. In addition to the everyday style, you can also apply it for more formal events. No need to bother anymore carrying hair while attending a cocktail party or other formal events. In styling this kind of haircut is also easy. You can even do it by your own in the home.  Instead of just using a flat iron, you can still create a messy wave hairstyle without the aid of a hair styling tool. Despite the easy bother, the correct technique will produce a satisfying wave of hair. If not, hair may look just messy.